Top Choices on Balance Bikes for Kids

For most parents, it may be a frustrating and difficult deal for them to purchase balance bikes for their kids. As for a parent like you, there is a need to choose for the best balance bike that is the most stable, best suited and worthy for your own child. For the most important thing to consider, the balance bike should be enjoyed for a perfect balance and coordination while riding on it.

In connection with this, here are the top choices on balance bikes and short reviews for kids (more from

  1. BMXie Balance Bike – With a perfect seat adjustment, this balance bike is a top choice because it offers three various seat heights: high, medium and low. This is also excellent because of its interlocking indentations. Its best ergonomic feature is its seat shape that fits perfect on the thighs of the child as he propels and kicks this bike. BMXie has its removable footrests and air tires on specially-made spoke rims. Its nylon construction is rein/forced on this bike that it is built as a sturdy and tough bike.
  2. Ridgeback’s Scoot Balance Bike – Scoot balance bike has exploded and became more popular in the industry. It is made of aluminum frame with a two-hundred pound weight limit. It has its best seat range from thirteen to twenty inches. It is admired because of its two amazing colors: gloss yellow and gloss turquoise. As per its extended range on seat height and fourteen inches wheels, it makes the experience in biking for enjoyable and thrilling for kids. The good thing is that a customization program is launched where children and parents can upgrade it along choices of hand grips, tires and various colors of handlebars.
  3. KUNDO Balance Bikes – KUNDO balance bikes are made from all-aluminum and quality materials. These materials weigh for about seven point one pounds. The tires are inflated and rubberized. As per the wheel bearings, they are completely sealed and industrialized. The saddle is also considered to be more comfortable and ergonomic. It can be assembled for only a few minutes that the fun starts right away. This is also made available in its vibrant blue and beautiful red color for only one-hundred forty-nine dollars.
  4. Ten Inches Fly Zone – This is a beginner model to use that comes at its bright and yellowish frame with handle grips. The exciting thing about this model is that it features foam tires and adjustable seat. This is a thrilling balance bike that fits the age of the child from three and onwards. Actually, this has identical bike that comes with girly palette in white and pink frame.
  5. KAZAM Twelve Inches Model – As for the Kazam balance bike, it is made from steel frames that are perfect for children aging three to six years old. The handle bars of the solid bike can be adjusted, including the pneumatic tires and seat.
  6. Steel Cruiser – This balance bike is also perfect for children from age two and a half years old to six years. It has an interesting style that features push handle on the adjustable seat, hand break, mud guards, kick-stand and pneumatic tires.

With the many choices presented, it is just going to be easy for you to have the one that best meet your child’s biking needs!


Mizuno GPT1152 Prospect

Mizuno has been making high quality youth baseball gloves for well over 100 years. Their number one priority is to develop top notch gloves for players of every age and every skill level. And I must say, they have done a great job doing it. With this article we are going to talk about one of their most popular youth gloves, the Mizuno GPT1152 Prospect 11.50 Inch Utility Glove.

This prospect series glove, like all prospect series gloves, are tailor made for the youth baseball player’s hand. Mizuno uses a variety of different technologies to help young players learn how to catch the ball the right way. Once they learn how to catch the ball the right way they will be able to take their game to a whole new level. Here are a few features that really make this glove stand out in the crowd.

PowerClose Technology

This is one of Mizuno’s patented technologies. With this technology hinges are placed in certain locations on the glove to make catching the ball as easy as possible. With the hinges players will be able to quickly close the glove, squeeze it and secure the catch. This simple technology will increase your efficiency. View the review here.

Magic Claw Technology

This may be something you have never heard of. But Mizuno uses it in several of their youth baseball gloves. The purpose of this technology is to also help with securing the ball. It does this by placing small nodes in the pocket of the glove making it easier to secure the ball.

ParaShock Palm Padding

This is another staple in Mizuno baseball gloves. When a baseball is hit into midfield it comes at you hard and fast. Catching a ball moving that fast can cause some serious pain. The sting alone is enough to make a grown man cry. With ParaShock palm padding your hands will be protected from the sting. The padding helps absorb the impact when the ball hits the glove. Knowing your hands are protected will give you the confidence to go after every ball fearlessly.

Mizuno Adjustable Wrist Strap

To catch a baseball the right way you must first make sure your glove fits the right way. You don’t want your glove to be too tight nor do you want it to be too loose. You want it to be snug and comfortable. With the Mizuno adjustable wrist strap you will be able to adjust the glove to make sure the fit is perfect.


I would recommend this baseball glove for two reasons. Its effective and affordable. This particular glove also has a closed back. This is important as it provides ultimate control. Control is extremely important when it comes to catching a baseball. With the way this glove is designed your child will be able to catching anything that comes his way. Its the perfect training glove for more competitive levels of play. If you want to give your child an edge over other players, see more baseball gloves or get him the Mizuno GPT1152 Prospect 11.50 Inch Utility Glove.


Our top Worth Bats

New players, or those players looking for an inexpensive alternative this summer, should consider reading this Worth Copperhead BBCOR review. Priced at under $80, this 2013 bat is perfect for those who are beginning their baseball journey or for those who are unsure if they should be spending a huge amount of money on a bat.

Don’t let the price fool you however. Despite its low cost, there is still quite a bit to like about the ABCH50. The next section of our review focuses on the main features that are included and describe how they will benefit you as a hitter.

What to expect from the Copperhead ABCH50

  • Very inexpensive
  • Lightweight model

There is a lot to like about the 2013 version of the Copperhead which is shown at HOMERUN SOFTBALL BATS. From its barrel all the way to the handle, the bat is built very well and provides incredible value for the price. There are obviously better bats out there but when weighing cost versus reward, the Copperhead will surprise you. Here are some of the main benefits it provides:

  • One-piece bat – Many power hitters agree that a 1-piece bat is the way to go. Not only does it provide you with more stiffness but it also tends to be more durable since there is no fusion of taking place between the handle and the barrel.
  • Large sweetspot – If you need a little more power in your swing then the large sweetspot provided by the Copperhead may be exactly what you need. Using a unique construction process, the Copperhead provides the biggest sweetspot on any aluminum bat around.
  • Vibration reduction – There is nothing worse than ball sting. When you hit the ball a bit awkwardly you’ll feel it right up your wrists. The Copperhead comes with a Silencer grip aimed at reducing the amount of vibrations and sting that you will feel.

Sizes available: 30 in/27 oz, 31 in/28 oz, 32 in/29 oz, 33 in/30 oz, and 34 in/31 oz

Our Thoughts

Simply put, you can’t beat this bat when it comes to value. We aren’t claiming that it is as good as some of the premier bats around, but this bat will surprise you. Perfect for entry level players or players that don’t want to spend a lot of money, we highly recommend the Worth copperhead BBCOR baseball bat for your next season.
One of the new bats for the 2013 season was the Worth Prodigy Legit BBCOR baseball bat. Used previously for other leagues to much success, Worth decided to adapt it to the BBCOR certification and open it up to the high school/collegiate level. The results so far have been great.

In this review of the Prodigy Legit, we will describe the main benefits that the bat provides. Price wise, at just under $300, the 2013 ABPRO is normally reserved for experienced players who are looking for that little bit of extra help to improve their game. For more check out this resource: Homerun Softball Bats Z2000


  • Great Swing speed
  • Strong, durable construction

As mentioned earlier, this bat is perfect for players who are looking for that little extra edge to improve their offense. It uses some advanced technologies throughout, either through the material or construction, to provide one of the better swinging bats available. Below are the main features you can expect when purchasing this bat.

  • Brand new two-piece design – The original Prodigy was always a one-piece design. However the new Legit version is built in two pieces each providing their own advantages to produce a bat that screams high performance. With the regular Lithium based alloy and a new handle that provides 50% more flex, you will be left wondering why you didn’t find this bat sooner.
  • Light end cap – At the bottom of the bat, Worth has added its Lite plug which is 10% lighter than other end caps used by Worth. A lighter end cap helps increase your swing speed as well.
  • Brand new grip – The final transformation of the 2013 Legit ABPRO is all the way around the handle with a new grip developed specific for this bats use. This grip provides a much better feel than previous version and allows the hitter to control their swings with more ease.

Sizes available: 31 in/28 oz, 32 in/29 oz, 33 in/30 oz, and 34 in/31 oz

Our Thoughts

If this is going to be one of your first BBCOR bats then we would recommend you look at other models as it probably would not fit your needs. On the other hand if you are an experienced player who is now looking for all of the latest bells and whistles then the Worth Prodigy Legit BBCOR bat may just be a perfect fit. From top to bottom, this one not only looks great but will perform for you on the field.


Nike Zoom Vapor Baseball Cleats Review

When you first see these cleats you will immediately notice how great they look. Of all the baseball cleats I have seen, this is by far one of the most amazing looking ones. And as we all know, if you look good you play better. I would most definitely classify these cleats as elite. With them you will get sure grip and soft cushion. A great combination for any baseball shoe.

When you play the game of baseball, no matter what position you play, you need two things. Explosiveness and speed. If you are at bat you have to be able to take off with an explosive first step. And when you are in the outfield you have to be able to get to balls quickly. Otherwise you run the risk of letting the other team score. With the Nike Zoom Vapor baseball cleats you get explosive power and unbelievable speed.

Another thing you need is traction. When you take off you want to make sure your feet stay connected to the ground. A show that doesn’t provide good traction can slow you down and maybe even cause injury. The Nike Zoom Vapor baseball cleat uses a Pebax plate to give you excellent traction and great durability. That means this show has the ability to stand the test of time. View more this and more at:

As we all know, during the course of a game your baseball shoe can go through a lot. That’s why its important you wear a shoe that is durable and can withstand the sudden movements baseball players often make. And with the Hyperfuse upper you will get the ventilation and stability you need.

Last but not least lets talk about cushion. A baseball cleat without cushion is one you won’t be wearing very long. The Nike Zoom Vapor Baseball Cleat uses the Nike Zoom technology in both the heel and forefront of the shoe. This gives the shoe responsive low profile cushioning.

The great thing about the Nike Zoom cushioning technology is that its very lightweight and very durable. With some baseball cleats the cushioning is very click and can cause the shoe to be a little heavy. The result is you taking off a tab bit slower. And while most won’t think that’s a big deal, in the game of baseball every second counts. You have to be able to get to the bases quickly.

The Nike Zoom cushioning is very thin. And because it is so thin your foot will be closer to the ground and you will have better stability as you take off and round the bases. In the game of baseball there are a lot of quick cuts and multi directional movements. You need a shoe that can quickly bounce back after impact.

The Nike Zoom Vapor baseball cleats can do just that. After impact the fibers inside the pressurized unit almost immediately bounce back. This gives you responsiveness along with improved stability and traction on just about any surface. And for a competitive baseball player there is nothing better.


Think Tank Airport International V2.0

Welcome to our Think Tank Airport International V2 review. Although more expensive than the average carry-on luggage, Think Tank has been known to provide many exceptional features to make it worth the cost. Primarily suited for business people, or those that travel frequently, the Airport Internal V2 is a one of the kind carry on that meets all international and domestic airline carry-on size requirements. As a frequent international traveler, there always arises the need to have a bag that suits the requirements set aside by international travel agencies. This one has been innovatively designed for the international traveler with special focus on the international requirements without compromising at all on the functionality of the bag. View more from this resource: Best Carry-On Luggage Site carry on luggage reviews to see many reviews.

Quick Feature List
Inside organizer
Replaceable wheels
Front stretch pocket
Business card holder/top pocket
Bottom handle
Front pocket organizer
Security cable
International carry-on size
Security combination lock
Holds 300 f/2.8 plus several other large lenses
TSA combination lock and lock to zipper
Security plate
Back security cable and lock
Front security cable and lock

Think Tank Airport International V2 Detailed Features
This section is dedicated to the more important features included in the Airport International. We look at the top items from its interior, exterior, and how it moves around.
Exterior: As the climate around different parts of the world is quite different, the Airport International features protective accessories in the event of adverse weather. In the case of rainy weather, it comes with a seam-sealed rain cover to protect both the exterior and your belongings on the inside. The design and material used on the outside makes it quite durable allowing it to meet the needs of advanced travelers. With the addition of advanced security measures implemented to guard your stuff, you are provided with peace of mind while travelling to any part of the world.

Interior: The Think Tank airport International comes with a roller that satisfies all international carry-on regulations. Despite the fact that passengers are rarely asked to perform checks for these regulations, having this carry-on ensures peace of mind in case you are faced with this situation. For people that require laptops on their travel, the Airport International features cases to fit 14” and 16” laptops and allow for seamless integration. To guarantee that your laptop is fastened properly and will avoid movement, it can be fastened onto the front stretch pocket and locked to guarantee laptop safety.

Security: For even more security, this carry-on features a TSA combination lock on the inside used to lock the zipper. Although travelers are usually encouraged to carry their valuable photo or other equipment themselves, should the need arise to pack your bags underneath, you can rest assured that your content will still be more secure than anyone else’s. Furthermore, another security cable and combination lock on the back allows you a chance to fasten the luggage onto an immovable object. This is very important in cases where you just have to leave the gear behind to check on something. The design allows you to fasten it to any object but still have peace of mind that when you come back, it will still be there. Lastly a security plate is also available on the Airport International V2. It allows you to conveniently look for the bag in case you misplace or lose it in the airport.

We hope that our review has shown you just how good this piece of carry-on luggage is. It’s undeniable that this is a masterpiece compared to other carry-on’s you may have used in the past. The features, the advanced security measures, and the precise manufacturing innovativeness have resulted in the Think Tank Airport International V2, a great acquisition for any international traveler. Every great idea implemented in this luggage bag complements each other to ensure that this bag is not only a great buy, but also meets the needs for a wide diversity of travelers. The high star-rating given by users who have already used it only serves to ascertain that this is one of the best carry-ons you can get today.


Baby Audio Monitor vs Baby Video Monitor

Baby monitor is an essential part of the nursery room as it is an added measure in ensuring security and protection for your bundle of joy and the much needed peace of mind for you, the parents. The big question now is which one are you going to buy, are you going to opt for the Baby Video Monitor or the Baby Video Monitor? To know more, let us briefly discuss the characteristics and specifications for both baby monitors.

Baby Audio Monitor – Being the most basic and original in the baby monitoring business, you will be ensured that manufacturers have already perfected this product. Sound clarity and resistance to interference are the main buying points. The minute your baby makes a sound, you will immediately hear it or it will send you a signal of a sound projecting near your baby. With some products, they say that the monitor will work even if you are 2,000 feet apart, making it pretty easy to detect your baby waking up even if you are 2 or three rooms down the hall. In some brand, there is even a talk back feature where your baby can hear your voice and will eventually soothe them. At times there are two parent units that comes in the package, this will ensure that two persons can simultaneously check on the baby which adds to the security. The price of an audio monitor is relatively affordable thus is a great choice for those who are working around their budget but still want to buy a means in ensuring safety. This is preferred by those who are just in the room next to the nursery. Affordability and convenience combined is the selling point of baby audio monitors.

Baby Video Monitor – for example: Being the upgrade of the tested baby audio monitor, the main feature of this product is being able to see your baby in the monitor. Most of the characteristics and specifications that you can obtain in an audio monitor are also present in baby video monitors. With this kind of monitor, it will enable you to decide for yourself if you really need to go to the nursery room and soothe your baby or you will just let your baby cry it out, at times the baby cries but will eventually go back to sleep unless you come rushing there and will result to waking up the baby. Baby Video Monitors will give you the peace of mind in seeing your baby, most specially when your baby have learned to move around but isn’t really making lots of sound, this video monitors will let you know of their activity. As parents know better, it is when everything is quiet that something is happening, with seeing your baby in the video monitor you will know if your baby or toddler is up to some mischief. The main hindrance in buying baby video monitors is the price, with the technology being used, it is really expensive compared to the audio monitors but with any enhancement comes a premium price. You can see one such example from here:

As a conclusion, both products provides protection and added security for you and your baby, it will all boil down to what your needs are and your budget.


Best New Balance Cleats

New Balance MB3030 Low Metal Cleats
New Balance offers quite a few different pair of cleats for baseball players with all levels of abilities to widen its choice of cleats for players. The pair described below is going to be about the new Balance MB3030 Low Metal Cleats that come with a variety of benefits. These type of New Balance cleats have been designed specifically towards a certain type of baseball player.

Speed and reflexes are the two main components that New Balance has tried to focus on when designing the New Balance MB3030 Low Metal Cleats. The sole of the boot is one area of the cleat that has been designed to accommodate for sharp reflexes when you most need it on the baseball pitch. The soles are a combination of metal and composite spikes that give you the ability to gain even more traction and grip when you most need it.

New Balance also drafted in professional runners when designing the boot and often asked for their advice on what runners most look for in a pair of cleats. Again the sole of the boot has been constructed in a way to accommodate the running aspect of baseball, especially when you’re running around the bases in baseball and the combination of metal and composite spikes should allow you to push off and accelerate more.

The heel also has the traditional comfort features that New Balance pride themselves on  as it is designed with the Comfort Collar feature that has positioned foam pads that are locked in within the heel that provide a lot of support and comfort around the heel.

The cleats also come in 3 different colour combinations with players to choose from with a fully black option available or you can involve some colour with the Black/Blue colour way or the Black/RED colour way.

New Balance MB4040
New Balance offers quite a few different pair of cleats for baseball players with all levels of abilities to widen its choice of cleats for players. The pair described below is going to be about the new Balance MB4040 Metal Baseball Cleats that are the progression from the New Balance MB3030 Metal Baseball Cleats.

New Balance has been specialists in the shoe industry since the 1970’s and their name is now one of the most recognized in the athletic market let alone the baseball scene. Check out these baseball bat reviews where they look at the famous Easton XL1 – Adult Baseball Bat.

The MB3030 and MB4040 have been firmly designed around the purpose of speed and performance. Therefore the weight of the cleats is significantly low in comparison to other baseball cleats so they are less of a weight hindering on the players feet. They weigh just a measly 12 oz which proves just how lightweight the New Balance MB4040 Metal Baseball cleats are. The synthetic upper has a big impact on the weight of the boot and the material is extremely light which contributes to the speed the cleats provide and it also provides comfort and durability.

The form-fitting tongue is another great aspect of the cleat as it offers a great fit around the top of the foot and is also good for performance. As well as the form-fitting tongue design, you also get the ABZORB midsole cushioning which is another source of comfort in the boot and is great for impact absorption so when you run around the bases and you’re feet are hitting the hard surface, the ABZORB will reduce the pressure that is being impacted on your feet.
The only stumbling block is the price as they do retail at $94.99 but you’re getting a top quality pair of baseball cleats from New Balance for the money. They are ideal for players who rely on speed in baseball.